Venue Owners

 If you're a pub/restaurant owner or landlord looking for something different, Our parent company Outtaspace, can site a dome on your premises and we can add you to our booking pages, we'd be happy to have you as part of our network


We will provide a prepared ground at your site, a dome on a raised floor, a choice of vinyl floor covering with integrated electrical supply cabinet, light connection, heating and doorway. Completely Free of Charge.

The only costs you have are to connect the Dome to your electrical supply, you're welcome to arrange this, or our installation team can do this for you for an agreed charge.

After that, you're responsible for 2 things, interior furnishings and cleaning.

We also offer a range of optional extras listed below that can be installed along with your dome for an agreed price.

 Optional Extras - Subject to Survey
Covered Walkways
Festoon Lighting
Access Ramps



Once your Dome is sited, you'll be listed on with your own dedicated page, we keep the booking fee, and you get 100% of the Food and Drink revenue. 

You'll have access to an online calendar to show your bookings and we'll also promote your venue on our social media channels.

 Our site can be set to any schedule of bookings that suits your venue but we normally advise 2.5 Hour slots.

There is a minimum term of of 12 months or 450 bookings that begins from the date the dome is installed and ready to use. 



If you would like to have one of our structures at your home, please head over to our parent company site, and they'll be happy to assist you with your needs.

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